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Laya Yoga

Laya Yoga Laya Yoga is a form of Yoga that focuses on listening to nada, or internal sounds, which can be heard even with closed ears. Nada comes in different variations, ranging from bee hums to ocean waves. By focusing on Nadas, the mind will become relaxed, and will be oblivious to different distractions around. Nadas, however, can only be heard by those who are experienced in Pranayama.

Laya Yoga makes it possible to go through difficulties and overcome negatives, thus it is called the Yoga of absorption. Laya Yoga retains the transcendental self after yogis dissolve themselves meditatively. The mind will be absorbed in its own, resulting to positive effects in the spiritual aspect of the person. Moreover, karmic patterns that have been imbibed by the person throughout his life can be overcome.

The spiritual goal of Laya Yoga is to achieve ananda state, which is described as a state of peaceful bliss and ultimate happiness. This can also lead one to reach Turiya, or the fourth level of consciousness. Through Laya Yoga, one can be unified with God, connecting with consciousness of the divine. In going through the higher levels of consciousness, the yogi has to be careful in dealing with gods and spirits.

Laya Yoga can be either tantric or Vedic. Thus, Laya Yoga practice can be either Tantrika Laya Yoga or Vaidika Laya Yoga. Laya Yoga focuses on mantras, mudras, yantras, and mandalas during practice. Different positions, which include sitting, standing, lying, and walking, are performed and combined with the right prayers, visualization, and breathing techniques. Sthulla-karira ritual moves are also performed.

Transcendental runs and water relaxation are also performed by Laya yogis. Laya Yoga, in essence, is a mystic method. This is considered as the higher stage of Hatha Yoga, and as one of the Grand Spiritual Paths. Tantra Yoga practices and concepts are used in Laya Yoga. Moreover, the concept of Kundalini-shakti or the serpent power is also recognized and is aroused by anyone who practices Laya Yoga.

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Laya Yogi
Thursday 25th November 2010 at 10:45:47 AM  

This is website with authentic Laya Yoga teachings!

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