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Meditation - Yoni Mudra

Written by: mec-mec

With Yoga, you improve not only mental clarity but also spiritual calmness and development. One of its principles is Meditation which involves Yoni Mudra. This is an exercise of the withdrawal of the senses, included in Pratyahara.

All day long, people are barraged persistently with worries at home and at work. Your senses respond to all stimuli, with your brain simultaneously straining itself by ignoring all insignificant stimulus-responses. By being able to control the senses, only then can you concentrate and act on your duties more efficiently.

Yoni Mudra These are the steps in doing the Yoni Mudra technique:

  1. Close your ears with your thumbs.
  2. Use your index fingers to cover your eyes.
  3. Then, use your middle fingers to pinch the nostrils.
  4. Press your lips together with your remaining fingers.
  5. While meditating, release your middle fingers as you inhale and exhale.

Concentration is the key for you to do this successfully and a better concentration is what you'll achieve if you practice this. Remember that Meditation helps you relax and maintain mental clarity. Just do what Yogis do - find a comfortable place, do the Yoni Mudra technique, and you're off for a better day with a rejuvenated mind.

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Article Comments
Thursday 23rd July 2009 at 2:19:40 AM  

I need more information of yoni mudra meditation techniques. Kind send the details in my mail id....

Wednesday 25th November 2009 at 11:52:42 PM  

i need more information about meditation yoga

Monday 30th November 2009 at 11:17:25 PM  

Hi amit, you may want to check out for more info on meditation

Sunday 6th February 2011 at 8:18:26 AM  

Very powerful. i regularly do it.
# First, putting the thumbs in the ears close the ear holes. Keep your back straight.

# Next close the eyelids and place the tips of the index fingers on them. If the eyeballs feel disturbed by the pressure of the finger on the eyelids, try drawing the eyelid down with the index fingers so that the only place where the fingers apply pressure is just below the eyes at the cheekbone.

# The middle fingers push in on the nostrils. The ring fingers rest on the upper lip, while the little fingers rest under the lower lip.

# Each elbow should be pointed outwards: the right at a ninety- degree angle to your right side, and the left elbow at a ninety-degree angle to your left side. Keep them in this position throughout and do not let them drop.

# There are two variations in the technique of breathing while doing the Yoni Mudra. The first is simply to stop pinching the nostrils with your middle fingers when you wish to breathe in and out. In the other procedure, the nostrils are held tightly shut. The ring and little fingers stay put also, but the lips open as if you are pouting, or, as if you are about to whistle.

miguel miller
Tuesday 18th October 2011 at 4:25:12 PM  

i have one question, do you focus on the mudra or the breath, or what?

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