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Site Contributions by: yogirama


We encourage our members to become an active part of our yoga community and of our yoga website by sharing their knowledge, stories and pictures with the rest of the yoga world. We award such contributions with Points which represent a symbolic value of the member's contributions. Below, you can find an overview of the Contributions yogirama had made:

Total Points: 238      Rank: Advanced Intermediate

Forum Topics Started: 2

Below will find the last 5 Topics started by yogirama:

Subject #Posts #Views Last Post
Job Searching Area
18 1344 Wednesday 30th April 2008
at 1:15:25 AM
by HappyFeet
New to this site!
15 1098 Monday 4th February 2008
at 10:41:54 AM
by subrata2008

Forum Posts Made: 230

Below will find the last 5 Forum Posts by yogirama:

Topic Message Preview
   Namaste, Please do these exercises continuously for few months. After rem...
   Brother Subrata, Hope everything is fine at Ashram. Give my pranam to Guru...
   Namaste! i love to hear Gayatri Mantra or Mahamrityuanjaya Mantra chantin...
   Wow! you are really doing well. So nice person always does good. You have ...
   Namaste, We also learnt to Meditate very early in the morning then Kriyas ...

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Pictures Shared: 27

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