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Member since: May 2008
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  • First Name: Sara Dawn
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: private
  • Height: -
  • Last Name: -
  • Age: 31 years old
  • Date of Birth: private
  • Weight: -
  • Email:
Yoga Specs
Enlightenment Level: Everyday can be a day for enlightenment. It is gained through a constant learning process and realizations that occur through everyday life.
Yoga Style Preference: Iyengar with a mix of basic Hatha, and Kundalini, but of course anything goes as well.
Years of Experience: -
Favorite Yoga Place: -
Dream Yoga Destination: Bali, India, Japan - I know yoga is not native to all of these, but I would love to wake up doing yoga in these countries.
Mat: -
Block: Foam or Cork for supported head stances, wood for other poses.
Strap: Straps are great, but in a crunch I've found that any type of scarf/thick rope works for many asanas sometimes even better.
Ball: I have a large 50cc ball, 2 small 2lb balls, and one medium size air filled one, I use them all, but find my self not using them as much in actual yoga practice.
Pants: I would love to get a pair of Samuari fold over pants, but for now anything that isn't too long works best for me.
Top: Anything not too long, but free flowing, zip up's with hoods are great for shvasana
Yoga Music: Music that involves exotic instruments is very calming, recently I've found that classical music has a very uplifting effect during practice.
Other Yoga Props: Working on maybe getting a pair of yoga gloves so that I can go matless on the carpet, right now I tend to slide in certain asanas. Essential oil, socks as an eye cover, a shall, gong, candles.
Personal Details
Quote -
About Me -
My Hobbies (My Vitamin and Supplement company), Avon, Val Slide, Nutrition, Baseball (Yankees), Yoga, Cars, Hiking, Being Outdoors, Racing, Cake Decorating, Penguins, Adopting Animals, Writing, Science, Cooking, Drawing, Adventures, Meditation, too many others to name.
School/College College, Dietetic Science
Books A Home For a Bunny, Eat Pray Love, Dali Lama (several books from him), The Inferno, Dharma Punx, Zen, Derek Jeter Biography, Tom Sawyer, and many more.
Movies The Wizard Of Oz, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, House of Flying Daggers, Jumanji, Surfs Up, Happy Feet, Alice in Wonderland, The Secret Window, Blow, many more.
Music Hard Rock, Reggae, Celtic, Hardstyle, Pop, Hip-Hop, Old School Hip-Hop, EMO, Piano Orchestrated, Ukrainian Folk, Hungarian Folk, SKA, Classic Blue, Screamo, Classic Rock ...
TV Shows Yankee Games, Knight Rider, Alf, Ninja Warrior, Pinks, Bugs Bunny, Monster Jam, Summer X-Games, Smurfs, Rupert, Sports Center, Food Network, Discovery Health, Myth Busters, many more once again
7/13/2009 2:18:27 PM
Hi All, Yoga is a mind-body connection, something that is commonly lost during something... READ MORE
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