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Member since: August 2008
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Personal Profile
  • First Name: Elizabeth
  • Gender: Female
  • Country: private
  • Height: -
  • Last Name: Ryan
  • Age: 30 years old
  • Date of Birth: 2/23/1986
  • Weight: -
  • Email: private
Yoga Specs
Enlightenment Level: In relation to the knowledge and wisdom that is out there i know nothing ....... Always learning but sometimes i think that the burden of the pursuit of enlightenment pushes it beyond your reach.
Yoga Style Preference: I am training to teach Hatha Yoga but i have a sneaking suspicion that a little of different styles will creep in from time to time. The key to a well rounded education is diversity.
Years of Experience: I have been practicing Yoga for about ten years - i started when i was quite young.
Favorite Yoga Place: I usually lock myself away where i know i won't be disturbed but i prefer to practice outdoors - it doesn't help though when you have a creepy neighbour who spies through the fence!
Dream Yoga Destination: I read in Yoga Journal about a couple who just packed up and shipped out to Maui to open a Yoga studio - it sounds like paradise. Either that or one of the Peruvian sanctuaries in the mountains.
Mat: I bought one of the eco friendly mats in a pale blue polkadot and it travels everywhere with me. Some people carry first aid kits or puncture repair - i have an emergency yoga mat!
Block: I try not to use very many props - i find the simpler and unfettered my practice is the more satisfying it is.
Strap: -
Ball: -
Pants: -
Top: -
Yoga Music: I bought a CD when i was in Scotland of Indian sitar music and i think it is beautiful - so restful, and although conscious of it it doesn't distract me.
Other Yoga Props: I have a pale blue bolster cushion that i use sometimes - i fell through the ceiling of my bedroom so at times i get a bit stiff and sore and it helps.
Personal Details
"If the small shit bothers you, the big shit will bury you." (Ok, so it's not Shakespeare, but i thought it was quite good)
About Me I live in a small fishing village in Northern Ireland. My life is actually quite beautiful, nothing too stressful. I avoid anything that resembles stress i.e mortgages, marriages etc.
My Hobbies I play guitar (badly), i love to read pretty much anything i can get my hands on except slushy romance novels. I am a practicing pagan and i love all music except country!
Company Artz Yard Gallery
School/College -
Books Masterpiece by Kahlil Gibran, The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, anything by Douglas Adams, Somerset Maugham, Thomas Mann or P.G Wodehouse. I loved 1984 and Jude The Obscure broke my heart.
Movies I am such a geek but i love The Wizard of Oz. I also loved 300, Heathers, Flight of the Wild Geese/Where Eagles Dare (best war movies ever made) and pretty much every Hitchcock movie in existence.
Music I adore Pearl Jam, The Kinks, Led Zeppellin, Billie Holliday and Fall Out Boy amongst many others. I am a human patchwork with most things!
TV Shows The Mighty Boosh (none of my friends get it but i love it), That 70s Show and, again with the geekdom, Robin Hood - i just can't resist swashbuckling!
Are You..................?
8/9/2008 7:05:50 AM
The thing about me is that i have someone in my life who loves me but i don't love them as they... READ MORE
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