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Enlightenment Level: My Kundalini is activated after decades of inner journey,physical and mental changes,and,of course some painful experience.At 63 I run 15 kms.My stamina is increasing daily.I feel I am growing younger
Yoga Style Preference: I do yogasans.But attention is on fitness of body,not on perfection of pose.Yogasans are just tools on your journey to the Ultimate.All eight parts of Astang Yoga of Patanjali need attention.
Years of Experience: 45 years.But real spiritual journey began 23 years back.It completely immersed me in Meditation,and changed me unbelievably:physically,mentally,emotionally and spiritually.I am not the same person.
Favorite Yoga Place: Though in Mumbai(India),I hold Meditation Camps at Lonavla(a hill station,100 kms. from Mumbai).No charge for guidance/sharing experiences.Each participant pays for his/her boarding/lodging.
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"Live Limitless Lively." "God is very near you,within you,waiting for you,only you are not paying attention."
About Me On a spiritual journey since two decades,which began on its own.It is God's grace.I am just following the path shown by God.It has unbelievably changed me physically,emotionally and spiritually.No more drinking,no more smoking,full of positivity,immersed in meditation,which I was not before this inner journey began.Still active social being,and have more stamina than I had decades back.Absolutely NO FEAR OF DEATH.I believe death must be most pleasant of all meditations,and eagerly waiting for it
My Hobbies Sharing what God has gifted to me by way of yoga,meditation,positivity,way of living lively and limitless.Holding camps,addressing forums,writing articles with that end in view.
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Books 1.Bhagwat Geeta 2.Kathonishad 3.Ageless Body and Timeless Mind by Dr. Deepak Chopra 4.Kundalini Yoga by Shivanand Radha 5.Book of Secrets by Osho Literature on meditation,Tantra,and kundalini.
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Music Brhama Nad
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10/21/2014 10:28:31 AM
‘The sleep of health is full of tranquillity.’ READ MORE
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