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 Saturday, 31 March 2012

Treat yourself to a self-nourishing day of yoga, relaxation and meditation. The Fundraising Yoga Day will be held on the 29th of April 2012.

On the day there will be three restorative and gentle sessions suitable for all levels of experience. Come and join the event for Kundalini Yoga in the morning, Meditation after lunch and Yin Yoga in the afternoon led by two experienced teachers
– Tori Lewis and Liz Midgley. This fundraising day will take place 10am – 4pm Sunday 29th April at the beautiful Alchemy Centre which rests above Camden Lock, Chalk Farm Road, Camden, London NW1 8AH.

The cost of the day is £50 or £40 if booked by 31st March – our “early bird special”. All proceeds go direct to the Maun Homeopathy Project. To reserve a place please email and once the place is confirmed it can be paid direct through the Just Giving webpage Check payments may also be sent payable to The Maun Homeopathy Project c/o Hilary Fairclough, 37a Hartham Road, London N7 9JQ.

For more information, visit

 Thursday, 29 March 2012

A valuable resource for Kum Nye enthusiasts, yoga practitioners and students of meditation alike, Kum Nye Dancing presents seventy-five new Kum Nye postures and movements, woven into series of dances. Dynamic and dramatic, these emphasize the transformative power of yoga, helping to make real and meaningful changes in energy levels, patience and tolerance and physical and mental flexibility. r>
Kum Nye is the art of making friends with all expressions of experience; learning through its practices to work gently and precisely with the body, awareness merges with experience, illuminating hidden resources of energy latent within body and mind. As deep tensions dissolve, body and mind communicate clearly, gaining access to untapped dimensions of knowledge inherent in fuller dimensions of experience. Kum Nye postures bring talents to fruition and support the unfolding of a positive and joyful way of life.

Unlike the first Kum Nye books where the postures are intended to be done slowly and introspectively, the practices in this book point outwards. Designed to energize the body and wake up consciousness, the postures give form to the openness and aliveness associated with awakened mind. Exercising the body in this way, expresses the expansive abundance of life, opening our minds to the beauty available in every moment of experience and beginning to contact surprising alternatives to ordinary ways of being.

The postures in Kum Nye Dancing are based on recollections from Tarthang Tulku's temple practices, used to prepare for the ritual movement known as lama dancing. The basic forms were developed in 2008 to help students remain relaxed and flexible for long periods of challenging physical work outside. In mid-2009 they were refined for volunteers who were taking on a massive book production project and proved effective in drawing on deeper reserves of energy and enthusiasm.

Tarthang Tulku, a highly accomplished Tibetan lama, is one of the few living teachers to have received a thorough traditional training in Tibet from some of the greatest masters of the 20th century before entering India as a refugee in 1959. Since 1969, he has lived and worked in California, where he has authored thirty books, including Kum Nye Relaxation and Joy of Being, a more advanced presentation of the aesthetic principles underlying Kum Nye.

Tarthang Tulku is the founder of a broad range of Buddhist educational projects, foundations, and endeavors that now operate internationally through Nyingma centers in Berkeley, Europe, and Brazil. These include the Tibetan Aid Project, Dharma Press and Dharma Publishing, and the newly established Nyingma Institute of Sarnath, India.


 Wednesday, 28 March 2012

In the world of holistic healthcare, yoga's benefits for women and men of all ages are, to put it mildly, unparalleled. The system can help heal hearts and minds – even among those damaged by wartime experiences, according to an article recently published in the Palm Beach Post news.

The proof can be found in local yoga instructor Ralph Iovino's daily sessions, which are attended by do
zens of veterans from the Wellington area.

A 62-year-old former Army Ranger and Vietnam veteran, Iovino doesn't necessarily look the part of a limber yoga coach. (Maybe it's his tattoos.) But looks can be deceiving. As he told the news source, he's helped hundreds of one-time soldiers come to grips with anxiety, frayed nerves and even post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

"We do…movement with breath," Iovino explained to the newspaper. "It helps heal trauma. It helps them sleep better and feel more relaxed. It gives them tools to work themselves out of anxiety, depression, and anger."

He's right about that. Studies have proven that yoga health benefits men and women who carry the lingering psychic scars of war.

If a holistic health regimen can do all that, then what's to stop it from soothing day-to-day stresses? Nothing, that's what!


 Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Kids can literally have a ball with the new yoga deck from Fun and Function, which delivers an innovative twist on an ancient tradition. Yoga Deck for Kids On the Ball™ has 44 colorful yoga poses that each use a ball for dynamic challenges and extra support. The card deck is available online and at selected retail stores for $15.95.

“I blended the movement of a ball with yoga to appeal
to kids and open up their abilities for balance, focus and performance,” says Ilana Danneman, a physical therapist and yoga enthusiast who is the Director of Product Education and Innovation at Fun and Function. Yoga has extensive benefits for children, including those with special needs. “Decreased aggression, language development, and auditory skills are just a few,” she says. “Children love balls and, combined with yoga, it’s just plain fun.”

The front of each card shows Herbert, the mirthful mascot, in a range of yoga poses with a ball, from “Up, Up and Away” to “Where’s My Shoe?” The back of the card describes the position, the action, and modifications for children of different abilities. The easy-to-follow instructions highlight which poses build Balance, Calm, Strength, Stretch, and Social abilities. The ball provides a tactile surface for proprioceptive input, acting as a dynamic balancing point to challenge and support each pose.

“The deck is for inclusive play and exercise at home, in a gym, classroom or clinic,” says Danneman. The movements can be used for a 1-minute transition time between activities, for a full session, and everything in between. “Instructors and parents can show the deck’s visual cues to non-verbal children, read the instructions to those who prefer to listen, or take a multi-sensory approach with kinesthetic learners.” The kids yoga deck is designed to be used under adult supervision, for ages 3+.

Yoga Deck for Kids on the Ball can be purchased for $15.95 at, on Amazon, and at toy stores and fitness centers. The balls are available in 5 sizes at, and can be purchased with the Yoga Card Deck for a combined 5% discount.

 Monday, 26 March 2012

The Coming Home Project today announced a special retreat for Student Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars that will take place March 28 to 31 near Yosemite National Park. Attending the retreat will be women and men veterans from around the USA. The Coming Home Project is a nationally recognized program that offers free, confidential group support and stress management retreats for veterans and families and their professional service providers.

Headed up by Dr. Joseph Bobrow, a psychologist and zen teacher, the retreat will include a multidisciplinary support team of previous war veterans, psychotherapists and interfaith leaders who help facilitate peer-driven support groups in which veterans can share stories and experiences.

According to Dr. Bobrow, “We put this special program together because we know that student veterans face a unique set of challenges. The headlines in the news today demonstrate the need to reduce isolation, connect with self and with peers, and learn stress management tools that assist veterans to re-integrate effectively back into civilian life. We offer our programs in beautiful settings with the goals of veterans coming together, sharing struggles and making breakthroughs in an atmosphere of mutual support, safety and trust. Our programs achieve these goals.”

Other transformative elements of the March retreat include – learning new skills such as mindfulness and yoga for reducing stress and anxiety and enhancing well-being; improving communications; expressing what cannot be spoken through arts such as journaling and drawing; enjoying invigorating outdoor recreational activities in a scenic, peaceful setting; and transforming the unseen injuries of war.

According to Bob Rodriguez, one of the veterans who participated in a Coming Home Project retreat, “When I returned from my tour in Iraq, I was in my own little world of distrust, anger, and sadness. I didn't know how to come back from war and become a part of my family again. My relationship with my wife was strained not only by money and health concerns, but by how I had changed. The Coming Home Project brought us back from the edge. The retreat we attended helped my wife...sort of know the 'new me'. During family holidays, I am reminded even more of how lucky I am that Coming Home Project helped me reconnect with my wife and kids.”

Said Angel Harris, another Coming Home Project veteran participant, "When I returned home from my tour in Afghanistan I isolated myself and my son for over 6 years. I was exhausted from pretending to be normal. My PTSD went undiagnosed because I could not ask for help. It was after returning from my first Coming Home Project retreat that I realized I was not alone. The extended weekend had been therapeutic without being therapy for me and my son. It was with CHP's support and the support of the other veterans and their families that I could finally reach out and ask for help."

About The Coming Home Project

The Coming Home™ Project is a non-profit organization devoted, since 2006, to providing expert, compassionate care, support, education, and stress management tools for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, service members, their families, and their service providers. We are an experienced team of psychotherapists, veterans and interfaith leaders committed to alleviating the unseen wounds of war. Our nationally recognized, evidence-based programs address the emotional, social, moral, and spiritual injuries and the family challenges experienced during all stages of deployment, especially reintegration. The free programs to support and assist veterans are supported by individual donations and organizations. Learn more at

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