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 Monday, 30 April 2012

Love Italy? Love Yoga? Are you ready for a break? Hatha yoga teacher and energetic healer, Katrina Love Senn, has the solution for you. She is running a week-long yoga retreat in Italy from May 24-30, 2012.

This yoga retreat offers journaling, relaxing hatha yoga sessions, healthy eating and optional group activities such as visits to the hot springs and agriturismo (organic) Italian f
arms with restaurants, designed for ultimate enjoyment by yoga enthusiasts and yoga newbies alike.

The week-long yoga retreat takes place at the heart of Casperia, a quaint little Italian village, nestled in Rieti, just an hour north of Rome. You will be staying in an authentic 15th Century Italian Palace, with a fully-equipped kitchen, expansive romantic gardens and outdoor seating and stables beautifully restored into a large and spacious yoga studio.

In the afternoon, you will have plenty of free time to either relax; either in the sauna or choose from one of the healing treatments on offer in the therapy rooms. Alternatively chill out with a book or make the most of the natural outdoors. You will find olive groves, bush, forest and rivers making the landscape perfect for walking, meditating and reflecting. Casperia is a no-car village; so however you spend your time, you will certainly enjoy breathing in fresh and healthy air.

About your Yoga Teacher, Katrina Love Senn
Katrina Love Senn states: "This yoga retreat is an opportunity for participants to enjoy sacred space for themselves in a serene and nurturing environment, so that they can reconnect with their real selves. This is something we don’t get the opportunity to do everyday.”

Katrina Love Senn is originally from New Zealand, and recently moved to the seaside town of St Leonards, East Sussex in the United Kingdom.

A certified Hatha yoga teacher, she began teaching yoga, 4 years ago, at International retreat centres.

When Katrina first started taking her yoga classes, like many students new to yoga, she wasn’t sure if yoga would be right for her. But, after just a few classes, she fell in love with the way that yoga made her feel. She realised, with surprise that she actually enjoyed moving her body in yoga, as it left her feeling open-hearted and strongly connected to her intuition and body wisdom. After yoga classes, Katrina felt that anything was possible. Yoga has helped Katrina lose weight and keep it off for good.

Today, Katrina enjoys inspiring other men and women to become strong and flexible so that they realize that indeed anything is possible. She believes that creating inner and outer balance in our lives begins with healing our bodies and our minds. She loves that yoga helps to facilitate the healing process on and off ‘the mat’.

Details about the 'Yoga Retreat' in Italy The yoga retreat with Katrina Love Senn in Italy includes two yoga classes, gourmet healthy brunch, shared accommodation for the week and plenty of rest time. Places are strictly limited due to capacity spaces and the price is £597.

For more information and to register your place, please visit:

 Friday, 27 April 2012

Join Sun yogi for an evening lecture on Wednesday 2nd May when he will share his wisdom, understandings and teachings in an informal setting. The following morning we will practice sun gazing under his guidance.

Sunyogi Umasankar is an Indian Yogi who has mastered the practice of Sunyoga and entered states of Samadhi.

Umasankar-Ji has led an extraordinary life full of very
special experiences and events. One of the most fascinating events that happened to him was his meeting with the great Himalayan yogi Babaji

This Special opportunity to spend time close to Sun yogi will allow us to ask direct questions and learn more about his fascinating journey and ask him any questions that you personal have. Sun yogi is happy to share some of his deepest experiences that have arisen through his focused and intense practices of yoga. Sunyogi talks passionately about living at the level of samadhi which many of his students have achieved through his teachings. He also shares his experience as a breatharian telling of his time in himalayan retreat when he ate no food and was completely sustained and noursihed by the prana(energy) of the sun for 2 years.

Sunyogi selflessly shares his understanding and experience inspiring us to practice and explore our own true potential.

Cost: Donation

Sun Yogis teachings include:
The art and practice of sun gazing,
How to activate 22 chakras within the energetic body
Creation and the nature of the Universe
The eight limbs of ashtanga yoga
The nature of disease and how to cure diseases.
How to practice Sunyoga.

The event will be held at Neuhofen 27, Bad Mitterndorf, Salzkammergut, AUSTRIA. Schedule is as follows:

2nd May 6.30pm - 10pm evening lecture
3rd May Sunrise - Sun yoga into and practice

For more information, visit

 Thursday, 26 April 2012

Join the First Annual Kansas City Yoga Festival for a fun, dynamic and inspiring day of yoga, laughs and learning! The pass to this event includes workshops by speakers who are experts in their specialties. The event's vision is to bring together the entire yoga community in Kansas City. This isn't about one studio, or one teacher. It's about sharing love of yoga with the entire community!

Registration begins at 8am and first session begins at 9am.

Full Day Festival tickets for this amazing event are only $110! That is for THREE dynamic presenters and a whole day of fun!

After the yoga festival, Dave Stringer will be performing Kirtan at a nearby location in the historic Independence Square. Tickets to the kirtan are $25 and are also available through Brown Paper. The number of tickets to these events will be limited, so first come first served to attend this landmark yoga event!

Men's shirts and women's tank tops for the event may also be purchased in advance (recommended). They will be black with the KCYF logo on the front. There will only be a limited quantity available that day.

First Annual Kansas City Yoga Festival Schedule

8:00am-8:50am Check in/registration
9:00am-11:00am Workshop 1- James Miller
11:15am-11:30 Flash Mob Practice
11:30am-1:00pm Lunch Break
1:15pm-3:15pm Workshop 2- Sarah Kucera
3:30pm-5:30pm Workshop 3- Gabriel Azoulay
6:15pm Yoga Flash Mob at Sacred Arts Fair
7:30pm Kirtan

For more information, visit

 Wednesday, 25 April 2012

The YogaService Conference May 18-20th, 2012 at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck New York, is a gathering of the nations most inspiring and accomplished yoga teachers who are dedicated to using yoga as a tool for overcoming trauma and inspiring social change. This conference is for yoga teachers, social workers, school teachers, health care providers and other professionals interested in explorin g the possibility of bringing yoga and mindfulness to the populations they serve (continuing education credits available). The conference will address how yoga heals trauma and explore the challenges and opportunities of: starting and funding yoga service projects; working within social institutions; and conducting research in the field of yoga service.

Dr. Gabor Mate, Beryl Bender Birch, Seane Corn, Kelly McGonigal and BK Bose will be presenting full conference sessions. Breakout workshops on specific populations (veterans, teens, young children, the incarcerated and trauma survivors) will be led by Sue Jones (yogaHope), Mark Lilly (Street Yoga), Jennifer Cohen Harper (Little Flower Yoga), MaryLynn Fitton (Art of Yoga) and James Fox (Prison Yoga Project).

Register at the Omega Insitute Website; Tuition: $395; use discount code “YSC” for a discount of $100. Read more at

 Tuesday, 24 April 2012

White Swan Records announces the release of the video “Love Belongs To Everyone/Gayatri,” the second video from the new David Newman album, Stars (March 27, 2012, White Swan Records). Proceeds from sales of the album go to benefit Peter Gabriel’s WITNESS project (in conjunction with Human Rights First and the Reebok Human Rights Foundation), a non-profit humanitarian organization which engages mi llions of ordinary citizens in the struggle for human rights. The CD and the video represent a continuation for Newman that began with the Stay Strong Project, and his lifelong commitment to music being the path to social action. For the first six months of the CD’s release, 50% of all proceeds from digital sales will be donated to WITNESS. In addition, White Swan is donating an ongoing portion of all sales – both physical and digital – of the full album.

“The inspiration for this song and intention behind my music as a whole is simply to bring love to others,” says Newman. “I also understand that it is important for individuals and organizations such as WITNESS to identify love's absence and act in ways that revive its lost presence. By sharing images and personal stories of injustice and instigating awareness, behavioral shifts and policy change, WITNESS is playing their role in relieving the suffering of others and demonstrating, in action, that 'love belongs to everyone'. Also, knowing the affiliation of WITNESS with its co-founder Peter Gabriel was, for me, the icing on the cake; as I've always had the utmost respect for his art and compassion for humanity!”

Stars is Newman’s multicultural musical celebration of love and the resilient human spirit. Long a believer in the power of music to transform, Stars represents a culmination of Newman’s lifelong work as a practitioner and teacher of Bhakti Yoga (The Path of Love). "I know that we live in times of struggle, but we also live in times of great hope, inspiration and capacity for change,” shares Newman. “There is definitely a shift that is taking place on the planet today."

Newman or Durga Das, as he is also known, travels extensively sharing Kirtan, devotional music and the spiritual, meditative and musical aspects of Yoga. A dedicated chant troubadour and singer/songwriter, David tours throughout the world with his wife, Mira, who is also a celebrated devotional singer, and percussionist. He is also the author of Merging with Grace, the founder of The Stay Strong Project and of Yoga on Main in Philadelphia.

Returning to his home base of Philadelphia, Newman’s seventh release is produced by Bill Moriarty, acclaimed for his work with Dr. Dog. Rooted in rock recording, Moriarty, a practicing Buddhist and meditator, quite naturally connected with the spirit and essence of David's music. As well, Stars features several Philadelphia-based musicians from all genres of music, allowing Newman to also explore new territory as a musician, arranger and producer. Fully engaging in expanding his creative edge, David takes his music in a new direction by playing lead electric guitar (using a violin bow) and employing a muted trumpet.

One of the highlights of the new release is the contribution of Newman’s wife Mira, whose work as a vocalist and percussionist is "an immeasurable asset to the sound on Stars. Her beautiful voice, sense of groove and invaluable input on arrangements leave a palpable imprint on the texture and beauty of the music."

Beyond the beautiful and varied music, a number of significant personal life events in 2011 shaped the creation of Stars. The album opener, "Dreaming," was written while Mira was pregnant with their first child, daughter Tulsi. As David explains, "The lyrics were conceived from Tulsi’s perspective as she was dreaming herself into our lives. When I sat down to write the song, it was with her in mind. In a sense, I felt as if we were writing the song together. If you listen closely to the lyrics, you'll see what I mean."

‘My mother's love awaits me, my father's song I hear, held in the everlasting, so near, so dear, I'm dreaming.’

As "Dreaming" was inspired by birth, the song "Thinking of You/Sri Krishna" was inspired by the illness and passing of Rama Bala, a dear friend and guitar player in David's band. Rama had been in the hospital for several months when David sat down with his guitar to write "Thinking of You," which emerged as a prayer for this friend. With its reggae inflections, centered around a playful ukulele part and an upbeat groove, it is one of the most joyous and cheerful pieces on the CD. For David, "the song is a celebration of Rama’s spirit, which always exuded a child-like innocence and a lighthearted love of life."

Newman’s music has long been a stronghold for many in the yoga community and yoga music genre, which is quickly taking hold with mainstream audiences, as demonstrated by the new “Yoga Channel,” on Sirius radio, as well as a recent in-person concert by Snatam Kaur for Oprah Winfrey’s recent birthday celebration cruise.

Stars is David's contribution to this growing genre, and is a musical offering for global transformation. He will be a featured performer at the upcoming Hanuman Yoga + Music Festival (June 8-10, 2012) in Boulder, Colorado. "Perhaps this planetary awakening is the true meaning of 2012," David proposes. "The music, the songs, the chants, the sentiment, and the message of Stars is a shout out, which reads… YES, this is for real, and we’re all in it together!"

For more information, visit

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