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Album: Loknath Yoga
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Picture 2957
Picture 2957
Monday, December 10, 2007

Picture Comments and Reviews
Sunday 13th January 2008 at 7:44:55 AM  

This is an excellent technique in Yoga.

Thursday 24th January 2008 at 2:02:12 AM  

Nauli is an excelent cleansing technique of Yoga, which included in "Shat-Karma". Yogacharya Tonmoy does ti perfectly.

Thank you sir

Saturday 1st March 2008 at 9:57:26 PM  

I wish I could do this!!!!!!


Sunday 2nd March 2008 at 3:23:44 AM  

Thanks tonmoy for sharing this photo with us. Can I learn this from you? Previously I have given you very good then later I realise that I would have given you excellent.


Wednesday 19th March 2008 at 6:21:22 AM  

I will learn this day and definitely.


Wednesday 12th November 2008 at 2:57:17 AM  

hello bhaiya.....
very nice to see u..keep it up &keep in touch


Saturday 11th April 2009 at 8:30:49 AM  

As such Nauli is a good kriya, difficult to learn and dafficult to a have a such a woderful picture showing Thick Middle Naule and finger like muscles on the ribs.

Saturday 11th April 2009 at 11:04:54 PM  

It is a very old link. I wonder if is alive. however it is so tempting, I am replying hoping against hope that it will elicit any response.TonMoy reminds me of tanmay i.e grounded, centered, or fully involved etc.Tonmoy is a bengali-verson of hindi Tanmay.Your post is not seen since long. It appears that you have retired from this forum.I hope you visit this forum sometimes at-least.

Saturday 9th May 2009 at 9:56:47 AM  

Saturday 9th May 2009 at 10:09:12 AM  


Thanks for you kind appreciation and valuable comments. Nauli is an essential Kriya of Loknath Yoga. I am travelling in South America to promote Traditional Loknath Yogic System all over the world. 1st June 2009 I will be in North America for few more months then will be back to India at the end of this year. I am very busy during these days with my students everywhere. I am really sorry that couldnt provide time here with you people. By the way, where are you located?

Hope we stay in touch........

Yogacharya Tonmoy

Saturday 9th May 2009 at 11:11:05 AM  

Yogacharya TonMoy jee,I am Dalsukh Sanghvi, Staying at Indore (India) I can visualize how busy you would be in touring the places where people are eager to learn. I could see people flocking around you.I can assure you I will not disturb you much.I will just keep in touch with you without touching your activities. Thank you. Namaste.

Saturday 9th May 2009 at 2:25:21 PM  

With a lot of patience and exercise i hope i will be doing that one day.

Sunday 10th May 2009 at 7:19:54 AM  

Tadasana arms stretching up overhead and lifting onto the toes.
Tiryaka tadasana
Kati chakrasana
Tiryaka bhujangasana

Udara karshanasanaThe above asanas are for Sankhprakshalan. The techniqe can found in any book of yoga or any web site.This is for cleansing bowel.Proroer study should be made before attempting the kriya.

Sunday 10th May 2009 at 5:54:01 PM  

You can do it easily............
Only you need a Yoga Teacher to guide you properly.

Thanks for your appreciation.........
God bless you

Yogacharya Tonmoy

Wednesday 5th August 2009 at 1:57:16 AM  

stop it old man just kidding you''re great excellent magnificent if i do say so myself

Tuesday 15th December 2009 at 9:23:31 PM  


Thursday 12th May 2011 at 11:18:23 PM  

its unbelievable...... best!!

Thursday 12th January 2012 at 4:22:07 AM  

Awesome man.............

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