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Pranayama - The Art of Yoga Breathing

When the Breath wanders, the mind is unsteady, but when the Breath is still, so is the mind still." - Hatha Yoga Pradipika

Breathing is life. It is one of our most vital functions. One of the Five Principles of Yoga is Pranayama or Breathing Exercise which promotes proper breathing. In a Yogic point of view, proper breathing is to bring more oxygen to the blood and to the brain, and to control Prana or the vital life energy. Pranayama Yoga also goes hand in hand with the Asanas. The union of these two Yogic Principles is considered as the highest form of purification and self-discipline, covering both mind and body. Know more about Pranayama techniques in the following sections:


Pranayama - What is Yoga Breathing?

One of the Five Principles of Yoga is Pranayama or the science of breath control. This is an overview of what Pranayama is and the Breathing Exercises practiced in Yoga.

Pranayama - Importance of Breathing

Breathing is the only means of supplying our bodies and its various organs with oxygen which is vital for our survival. Learn the importance of proper breathing in this section.

Pranayama - Traditional Breathing Techniques

Take a closer look at the different Traditional Breathing Techniques - High Breathing, Low Breathing, Middle Breathing, and the Complete Breath.

Pranayama - Stages of Breathing in Yoga

Each cycle of breathing which is usually thought of as merely inhalation followed by exhalation, may be analyzed based on its four phases or stages. Take your yoga kit and know the Four Stages of Breathing in Yoga.

Pranayama - Arrested and Resting Breath

The empty pause completes the cycle which terminates as the pause ends and a new breathing cycle begins. Know the importance of Arrested and Resting Breath in this section.

Pranayama - Techniques to Prolong Pauses

Bhandas are Yoga Techniques and aids which are practiced in order to slow down one's breathing. Know the four important Bandhas and learn how they are done.

Pranayama - Patterns of Rest

In this section, know the importance of Pattern of Rest between inhalation and exhalation. Also, know the various benefits of having self-control in Yoga breathing.

Pranayama - Importance of Exhalation

The Pranayama practice gives emphasis to inhalation, exhalation, and retention of breath. Learn why proper exhalation is considered as the most important part of Pranayama practice.

Pranayama - Safety Guidelines

The Pranayama practice is safe to do as long as you keep some essential things in mind. Know some general guidelines or principles to keep you on the safe side while doing the exercises.

Pranayama - Prana and the Body

Prana is the center of all Yoga Exercises and practices. It is the energy, the self-energizing force that embraces the body. Know more about Prana and its role in Pranayama.

Pranayama - The Seven Chakras

The Chakras are the seven main energy centers in the body. They are described as "whirling disks of light", and each Chakra radiates a specific color and energy.

Breathing on the Beach

The beach can also be a haven for wellness. Take comfort from your yoga mats and try doing simple breathing exercises that could improve your blood pressure, heart function, and energy next time you hit the beach.

Pranayama - Breathing Techniques for Beginners

The basic Breathing Exercises and Techniques will form the foundation of your daily Yoga practice. Just make sure that you know the proper way of breathing before doing these exercises.

Pranayama - Advanced Breathing Techniques

After doing the basic Breathing Techniques properly, you can wear your favorite piece of yoga jewelry and move on to the advanced techniques. Bear in mind that these are powerful exercises, so practice them slowly and know your limits.

Bhraman Pranayama

Bhraman Pranayama is a beneficial Breathing Technique of Loknath Yoga for people over 45 or 50. This is really very effective in the maintenance and restoration of physical and psychological health after suffering from a severe illness.

These are the essential aspects of Pranayama. Please note that Yoga Breathing Exercises are very powerful exercises. Many people experience dizziness or lose consciousness while practicing Breathing Techniques, whether basic or advanced exercises. Practice all Breathing Exercises slowly. Perhaps ask a friend to stay with you when trying out a new Breathing Technique. In addition, you can sign up for some Breathing or Yoga Classes and practice under supervision of an expert.

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