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Hatha Yoga - The Yoga of Postures

Written by: ljpasion

Hatha Yoga -  The Yoga of Postures What most people refer to as simply "yoga" is actually Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga is a system of yoga introduced by Yogi Swatmarama, a yogic sage in the 15th century in India. This particular system of yoga is the most popular one, and it is from which several other Styles of Yoga originated including Power Yoga, Bikram Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Kundalini Yoga. The word "hatha" comes from the Sanskrit terms "ha" meaning "sun" and "tha" meaning "moon". Thus, Hatha Yoga is known as the branch of Yoga that unites pairs of opposites referring to the positive (sun) and negative (moon) currents in the system. It concentrates on the third (Asana) and fourth (Pranayama) steps in the Eight Limbs of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga tries to achieve balance between body and mind, as well as attempts to free the more subtle spiritual elements of the mind through physical poses or Asanas, Breathing Techniques Meditation.

  • Asanas are various body positions designed to improve health and remove diseases in the physical, causal, and subtle bodies. The word "asana" is Sanskrit for "seat", which refers not only to the physical position of the body but also to the position of the body in relation to divinity. They were originally meant for Meditation, as the postures can make you feel relaxed for a long period of time. The regular practice of Asanas will grant the practitioner muscle flexibility and bone strength, as well as non-physical rewards such as the development of will power, concentration, and self-withdrawal.

  • Pranayama is derived from the words "prana" (life-force or energy source) and "ayama" (to control). It is the science of breath control. This is an important part of Hatha Yoga because the yogis of old times believed that the secret to controlling one's mind can be unlocked by controlling one's breath. The practice of Pranayama can also help unleash the dormant energies inside our body.

The practice of Hatha Yoga can help you recognize your hidden physical and mental potentials. Through the continued performance of Asanas, you will gain flexibility and strength, and learn to be more relaxed under otherwise stressful situations. Hatha Yoga's Relaxation Exercises will open the energy channels, which in turn allows spiritual energy to flow freely. Some Hatha yoga poses also massage and tone your internal organs, helping to prevent diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, and hypertension. They also bring balance to internal and glandular functions. Pranayama, on the other hand, can help manage asthma and bronchitis.

Hatha Yoga can also help you cope with stress, relieve tension, and deal with anxiety and depression. More importantly, it will help you put your mind in a focused state to prepare for Meditation and, eventually, the search for enlightenment.

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Article Comments
Monday 25th July 2005 at 9:25:00 AM  

live well laughoften lovemuch

Jessica Dickerson
Monday 21st September 2009 at 8:38:36 AM  

I just have a couple of comments about the article.

Kundalini Yoga does not originate from Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga does not try or attempt to do anything. Hatha Yoga is a technology to can be practiced to achieve balance between body and mind, as well as free the more subtle spiritual elements of the mind through physical poses or Asanas, Breathing Techniques or Pranayama, and Meditation.

Monday 2nd November 2009 at 1:24:48 PM  

Jessica Dickerson is a 3ho believer probably. They use the word technology to describe everthing and they have a belief that kundalini yoga is the oldest form of meditation.If anyone can give ANY concrete evidence of the aga of kundalini yoga as practiced by 3ho "Sikhs" let me know. It is mostly a big corrupt business started by "Yogi" Bhajan. 3ho? No

Thursday 6th May 2010 at 5:03:11 PM  

thanks for the comment namitima, aka elizabeth gilbert, aka newage claptrap.

Monday 26th July 2010 at 6:36:17 PM  

It is believed that the purpose of Hatha Yoga is to prepare the body for prolonged sitting and meditation so that the yoga practitioner can reach enlightenment, super consciousness or a trance like state

Michael Solomon
Friday 9th September 2011 at 8:13:50 AM  

For me, the most powerful branch of Hatha yoga is the use of mudras which are 25 in number. The tools are very effective I must add as I have personally experienced miraculous recoveries from migraines, back ache and dehydration. Now I feel super and energetic from the use of this ancient science of divine-human training exercise.

Lori Susanne White
Sunday 5th February 2012 at 11:46:59 PM  

I''m the founder of the fb page: The Terminal Question. My daughter is a certified yoga instructor from a good school in N.C. My primary but not singular interest in this style of yoga is it''s possible benefits to people with PTSD.

saiqa kazmi
Wednesday 22nd February 2012 at 9:16:18 AM  

do a person can lose weight through hatha yoga?

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