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Yoga Exercise - Hand Clenching

Written by: ayammie

Mushtika Bandhana is the Indian translation for Hand Clenching. This yoga exercise is good for the hands and wrist which are areas commonly affected by Arthritis, especially osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is common in women and is usually felt in the early part of Menopause. It causes the wearing out of the cushions of the joint of the fingers. Doing the hand clenching will help in developing a firm grip, strengthen the joints in the hands, and is useful for those who play tennis, badminton or cricket.

  1. Do a seated pose where you feel most comfortable or sit straight on a chair.
  2. Bring your arm in front of you at shoulder level, keeping it straight and parallel to the floor.
  3. Make a fist with your thumb side up, your thumb inserted into your other fingers.
  4. Open your hand as you inhale then stretch all your five fingers.
  5. Fold your hand back into a fist as you exhale, your thumb tucked in.
  6. Repeat this exercise for about 8 times then do the same with your other hand. After some practice, you may be able to do Hand Clenching on both hands at the same time.

Follow the breathing pattern of exhaling when closing the hands and inhaling when opening the hands. Also remember to concentrate on the breathing, the mental counting, the stretching sensation and the movement itself. In no time, the hands will work more vigorously than before.


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Article Comments
Sunday 29th November 2009 at 8:51:03 AM  

I have the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and I guess this is another exercise I''ll do to improve my problem. Thanks

Wednesday 30th June 2010 at 1:41:11 PM  

I have my thumbs clenched against my index-fingers. So my thumbs are always ''closed'' . Kind of chronic tension. Question: anybody familiar with this? Does this ''symptom'' correspond with some body areas?

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